The Rocks Will Cry Out

All day today I’ve been preparing my Ode to Earth Day.  In the midst of receiving some not-so-great news from the doc, I’ve tried to follow my mother’s advice and occupy my mind.  Since I skipped yoga, I don’t have the ‘body fueling the mind’ and all of that.  After homework,  basketball practice, and doing a school project, I decided to grab my bath salts, wine, and my favorite read: Elle Décor.  After fighting with the water level and the magazine, holding my arms up  like an idiot, I finally resigned to relaxation. 

If you’re anything like me, finding a quiet space in your mind is a task.  I can hardly be quiet during weddings, much less my rare bath-time.  But in the back of my mind I’ve got some potentially bad news lurking, and intuitively I knew that I needed to force myself into some zen.  Additionally if you’re anything like me, a wide range of emotions begins bubbling at the first moment of silence.  The things we’re carrying begin to rise to the surface.  I began tallying.

In times of great sorrow or joy, our human inclination is to slide through, not counting the costs.  In times of fear, we tend to tally our odds and weigh our existence.  I believe in counting up the things to be grateful for, as I wrestle my dark thoughts to the ground.  So I started a list.  As I started my list I realized the irony of my dilemma on Earth Day.  We should take care of the earth; for sure.  But we should also take care of everything we have, and most importantly: the human beings we know and love.  So, I thought I’d share my tallies. 

  • I have not recently lost my family to earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis or terrorism… and I am free to write and say my thoughts without fear of imprisonment, stoning, or torture.
  • I’ve had the opportunity to see many places and cultures on the earth, and the glories therein.
  • I’ve had a family that loves me. 
  • I’ve lived in the most spoiled country on earth, the USA; where clean water, food supply, healthcare, education and entrepreneurship were available to me. 
  • I’ve had the joys of being married young, and growing up with someone; as well as the lessons learned of hard-times and the painful consequences of not loving them well.
  • I’ve had the pleasure of birthing 3 beautiful, glorious, unique, smart and hilarious children into this world…and the joys of watching their growth. 
  • I’ve had moments that involved wine, Billie Holiday, and many, many tears shed in the bathtub “In My Solitude”, teaching me just how low you can be in emotional paralysis. 
  • I’ve had the joy of having dear friends to sit with, drink coffee (or wine) with, and sort through life together.
  • I’ve had enough struggling to teach me to be tough and resilient when trouble comes; and considering things can always get worse, I’m thankful for those struggles. 
  • I’ve had the blessing of being able to find love, and hope again for the future.

So back to my bath, I realized that on the day we are supposed to raise awareness of what our slothfulness has done to the Earth, and get involved in preservation…I am just grateful for what I have.  Not to offend, but today preserving the earth is not my priority.  It is making the most out of my time here on this earth, and learning how to be humble before life humbles me. 

So, cheers to Earth and all of those that are dedicated to preserving it.  But also, I say cheers to all of us who live on it. 

I’m still posting some beautiful pics.  One of my own, and some that I found.

5 thoughts on “The Rocks Will Cry Out

  1. “It is making the most out of my time here on this earth, and learning how to be humble before life humbles me” – so very true.

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