The Re-Freak Part 1

I hate the terms ‘makeover’ or ‘facelift’ when describing a remodel or redecoration project.  These words can be useful; but at the end of the day when changing the look, feel, and overall mood of your home you are, what I will henceforth be calling “re-freaking” your home.  This is your sanctuary, and the space that reflects your personality and flavor.  

Well, I am starting a re-freak in my home.  Obviously we are experiencing a downshift in our economy where 1 out of 10 people don’t have jobs; so I’m going to do this in the most economical and inexpensive way possible.   Good taste doesn’t have to automatically mean maxed out credit cards and a blown budget, and I’m going to attempt to make my home fab without spending an exorbitant amount of money. 

So, first thing’s first.  I’ve prioritized the rooms and I’ve decided to start with our entry-way and stairwell.  It is the 1. most boring part of our house with the apartment-white walls  2. the first thing people see when they walk in  3. architecturally fabulous due to the curves in the wall, and height of the ceiling.   It’s just full of potential.  This room has the trendy ‘1940’s- gather- ’round- the- radio- and- listen- to- The Shadow’  looking light fixtures, which eventually will have to go, because in our adobe-styled home they are misplaced.  But I could easily spend $1k on lights and that’s not an option for me right now.  Not just that, but I’d like to gather some cool lights from odd-ball sources anyway which takes time, rather than a trip to a home department store (you know the one, I’m just new to blogging and unsure if I’m allowed to put its name in here.)  It’s all about history, history, history.  Everything needs a story and many times, it doesn’t cost a fortune. 

What’s the quickest and cheapest way to transform a room?  Paint it.  I’ve been racing through magazines and looking for inspiration, staring at swatches at the paint store, and weighing my options.  For this room, I want drama but not in a stupid sense.  I want to walk in and be immediately brought to attention by the color choice and the risk taken.  My preference has always been dark colors, with glossy finish because of how it broadens a room and alters depth-perception.  I’ve chosen a color that is not quite black, but smacks of it (think wet river rock) and on it I can hang any piece of art or wall-hanging without a clash.   I have aaaaaaallllllllways wanted a totally black room, preferably a bathroom, with starch white tiles and paint so shiny it looks wet.  What is interesting to me, is that the black shiny wall look is really catching on right now and people are finally moving away from the powdery-Easter Bunny look. 

Lesson number 1:  People are starving for work right now; do not exploit people, but be smart and shop quotes.  Gone are the days of naming your own price in the skilled-trade world.  I made an inquiring call about an ad this morning offering a room painted for $55 with a 3 room minimum.  Who wouldn’t look into that, right?  Well, what I found was heart-wrenching.  The person running this ad was a 76-year-old man looking to supplement his social- security and make a few extra bucks.  Would the real men out there please stand up!!  While our nation is over-run with spoiled teenagers that don’t even pay their own cell-phone bills to support their texting habit and blame their parents for everything, there is a 76-year-old man out there that is far past working age, trying to make an honest wage for a day’s work, and I’m sure he’s not the only one.  [Parents: grab your spoiled brat teenagers by their collar, make them sit down and listen to you!  It is not too late for them!  Make them learn how to work and you will be doing them a huge favor!]  Ok, enough of my soap-boxing and bold letters.   I am just blown away.  Not only would I not want a 76-year-old man on scaffolding in my house, but he doesn’t do those kind of jobs THANK GOODNESS.  I will be making him a peach pie however, and will offer to do some grocery shopping for him, although with his pride and character he will probably tell me “no.”  I salute him.

I’ve posted some inspirations as well as some pics of the room I’m going to be working on.  Feel free to comment and share!  

3 thoughts on “The Re-Freak Part 1

  1. I love the blog. I love the black (nearly) wall idea. I love the way you write. I love the bold letter statement. I love all your ideas. I love all the potential your entry has and I love the Tree of Life wall hanging… well as the real one. I don’t agree about the light fixture. I love it also. There is always the hammered antique bronze spray paint. It works great on fixtures of all kinds, as well as curtain rods, towel racks, etc. I was recently fortunate enough to have found a guy who had bought up the paint department of a store going out of business and he was selling it for $.75 a can. Normally $3.95 a can at the store you didn’t mention. What about doing a venetian plaster wall in the entry? It would be beautiful. Venetian plaster has so much depth. Plus if you learned how to do it… would always have a job if you needed one. I have seen it in black and it is gorgeous!

  2. love the shiny black wall – and unusual pieces with stories to tell – currently re-freaking living space is low on my ‘gonna tackle’ list, but let me know how that works out. jafamimi is right: black venetian plaster – oooweeeee.

    your thoughts, ideas, and writing are exceptional – keep me reading.

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