Some Cheese With That Whine

I’ve just signed in today to make an observation:  I have Grey Goose taste.  This re-freak of the home that I’ve undertaken requires a measure of thriftiness and resourcefulness.   If I could have a servant with a pad and pencil walk behind me holding my purse and pushing my shopping cart while I picked out the best furnishings for my home…I would….and my kids aren’t an option, they’d break everything in the store. 

Better yet, if I could commission some fabulous designer like Steven Gambrel to re-freak my home,

and have Peter Lindbergh take all of my family portraits,

and everything furnished by Hudson Furniture Inc

I would.  Trust me.  

Sigh, maybe someday. For now I will have to rely on my creative instincts and sharp ability to pinch a penny. 

Back to my Smirnoff….

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