Quick Review of Robin Hood…Or…I Heart the Dream-Team

I will do my best not to spoil this film for those of you who have not seen it yet but…. 

Perhaps you were expecting the gore, the blue filtered film, an aloof and sometimes angry Russell Crowe, among other things which you would expect from Ridley Scott’s rendition of Robin Hood.  You might have found that the plot wasn’t quite historically accurate, Russell was generally ‘nicer’ in this picture, and endless scenes in Sherwood Forest didn’t lend themselves to gorgeous panoramic shots every five minutes (although there were a few)…oh and let’s face it.  Perhaps by virtue of the fact that a ‘period piece’ is such a genre of its own these days, and Weta Workshop (Lord of the Rings) made just about any attempts after their trilogy look like little league; that the peasant outfits and even the armor in Robin Hood seemed trivial, and more of that associated with a high-school play.  


If you are a die-hard Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe fan like me…. 

(no that is not me in the picture) courtesy of guardian.co.uk by Yui Mok/PA

 And you’ve been waiting for this film to release for a year now… 

You expected beautiful dialogue and storytelling…and you found it.  Nearly every one of your senses were engaged, placing you right there in their world as they played with light and sound.  You left with a deeper understanding of medieval armor, battle strategy and weaponry.  You swooned at the romance and displays of honor.  As each character was developed one by one, they became relatable and human; even the villans.  And best of all: you sat on the edge of your seat in anticipation of the finale.  

This film definitely gets my thumbs up. 

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