The “Welcome” Cave

“Robin, warm up the Bat-spot analyzer while I take a sample of this affected cloth!

 -Batman, 1966

Much to my surprise, our new and improved entry-way has turned out to be a dark, cool cave where we can welcome people into our home.  Standing there, you half expect the Batmobile to fire out of the hall closet, and for one of us to jump out suited up and ready to save the world in tights and masks.  (Sadly however, we do not have an Alfred Pennyworth butler or anything in that neighborhood.  Only a spoiled dog.)  

I love it.  As I’d hoped, every angle and line is more pronounced and the first impression factor…well it’s something in the neighborhood of theatrical.  Especially once we hang the art over the steps.   As it stands now, I’m still scoping out the best piece for the wall, (it will likely come from Natural Curiosities) but I’ve re-hung my photo wall which in my opinion, looks exponentially better (if I could keep my children from throwing socks down at each other, knocking the pictures crooked.)  

Lights, that’s another matter.  I’ll be taking an opinion poll, because I’m in a bit of a quandary.  I can’t decide whether or not to modernize the look, which is becoming over-used but still looks amazing…or do I go with the completely over-the-top luxurious look….should I take an odd-ball position on the matter and not have a look, but rather a statement-making fixture that no one would miss walking in…Or do I take out a second mortgage and buy the mother of all lights (which goes totally against my Re-Freak on a budget thing.) 

These things remain to be seen…and heard!  Give me your feedback! 
Next stop: the Purple Rain guest room, and a bird-painting project I’ve enlisted Joker, Penguin and Robin to help with (my children.) 


4 thoughts on “The “Welcome” Cave

  1. I love the Hudson or the Great Indoors. (But the Hudson is just really, really cool! And pretty! And awesome!)

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