Toss Your Throws

“How come the dove gets to be the peace symbol? How ’bout the pillow?  It has more feathers than the dove, and it doesn’t have that dangerous beak.”   Jack Handy

In a search for a relevant quote pertaining to pillows, I came across this hilarious Jack Handy quote and had to use it.  It doesn’t however, have anything to do with my post-topic.  Nope; in true blog form, we’re turning right and we’re going to discuss throw pillows. 

I recently did a cross-country move from one coast to another.  (no I’m not saying which ones…)  Between the tears, and the ‘oh my guiness!”-es over pictures and notes from the kids, and pants that I haven’t fit into for 4(+) years, and lipsticks that I’d kept for 10 years (in case I ever needed to refer to the product name and #) and cell phone chargers for a decade worth of phones…you’re familiar….I realized that I have a few addictions.  I will list them in no particular order. 

1.  Lamps. 

I detest over-head lighting.  It does something to my mood for the lighting to be wrong, and I much prefer a room that is well-lit by 2-3 lamps rather than a dingy two-bulb lamp that barely brightens a room enough to find two shoes that match.  That said, I must have come across 10-15 lamps in my move.  Some of them had to be bubble-wrapped.  Some of them disassembled.  Some had to go on, and be with the Lord.  Some shocked the s*** out of me when I tested them to see if they still worked.  I still made it in my wagon with at least 10.  That I could count off the top of my head just now.  Oh hold on, I just remembered the many plant-lights I have because I believe that they can light up a room all by themselves.  See what I mean?  I have LBD.  Lamp Buying Disorder.

2.  Glassware.  

I don’t know how this one happened and I have no excuses.  What once was a small stash of wine glasses, (ahem) just enough to serve wine to 4 people in my humble abode, has become not only a large collection of glass…but also a cemetery of glass as well.  Every time I have a party one of us breaks one and I set it aside for that day I’m feeling resourceful and handy to use super glue and fix them all.  Additionally, for years I have kept up with a black glass collection of my parents’ that has actually come back in style recently. (although I think mine actually came from Spain in the early 70’s)  Later, my sister gave me a collection of stem-less wine glasses she found at an estate sale that had my first initial on them.  Throw them all together among the many trips to the store so that there would be enough matching glasses for parties, a re-marriage (thus combining two lifetimes worth of stuff) and I have two full China cabinets.  omg. 

3.  The Last-But-Not-Least Throw Pillow Problem aka: TPP.   Much like sorting through bins of clothes from the 1980’s where nothing matches or makes sense (unless it’s held up next to a picture of Madonna circa 1986)…I had a sinful number of throw pillows.  Initially, rather than cut my losses and admit that these were no longer pillows I wanted in my home, do you know what I actually did?  I rummaged through my fabric stash (probably another addiction I need to face) and tried to see if the shape of the pillows was something I wanted to hold onto; tried to gauge whether or not to restore the pillows.  After my friend looked at them and reminded me that I didn’t need old projects in my new home, I reluctantly decided to toss my throws (while trying not to toss my cookies over the money spent on them.)  I don’t feel guilty about this particular addiction because….

Much like plants, or photographs, or outdoor plate and cup sets (come on, you know Target sucks you in every year with their color-coordinated marketing genius and you buy a new set) or anything else that qualifies as a transient fixture in our home, throw pillows change with our moods.  I’ve only lived in my new place for 6 months and the pillows I bought (thankfully inexpensively) are already boring to me.   Moreover, you can totally change the feel of a room with just a few pillows and you don’t have to spend that much money.   Here are some faaaaabulous pillows I’m currently looking at for inspiration. 


When you’re done with old throws or other items of that nature it is best to drive to a homeless shelter and see if they have use for them.  In my opinion it is better than going thrift shopping and seeing your stuff in the store.  (yes this has very much indeed happened to me.)

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