What the World Needs Now….

I’ve already alluded to the fact that I’ve been furiously working in the creative crucible trying to come up with a logo (coming soon.)  In the process, I’ve surrounded myself with more material and muse than you could imagine.  Picture a kid piling every couch-pillow on top of himself building a fort.  That’s kind of been me lately.  Two notable Morsels in my recent repertoire are a book called The Luxury Bathroom: Extraordinary Spaces from the Simple to the Extravagant by Samantha Nestor, and a film called The House of Sand, directed by Andrucha Waddinton…..both excellent and worth your time. 

About ten years ago my sister was commissioned to do a collage piece for a local restaurant.  It was to be a collection of photographs of pop icons, and relevant type-print words, done with taste, seasoning and an ode to history.  I will never forget the condition in which I found her one evening when I stopped by to take her to dinner.  She had music blasting (Burt Bacharach was it?); and her floors.  Oh man, the floors.  There was no open space wall-to-wall to even stand; I nearly fell all over her tiny cut- up pieces of paper, messing up the whole method to her madness just walking through the door.  You know when you fall with your feet still planted to the floor, and there’s nothing in front of you to break your tumble?  Yeah, so there was me.  But quickly, and before I could even yell at her for the entry-way being so ill-prepared for guests, I noticed the look in her eyes which was a little bit in the neighborhood of The Shining.  Whoever this was working feverishly on the floor was not my sister.  And besides, this crazy woman hadn’t bathed in a few days. 

At that point, she said in a desperate cry (kind of like Daryl Hannah in Steel Magnolias when she lost her ‘contact’)  “WATCH WHAT YOU’RE DOING!  YOU’RE STEPPING ON ROBERT PLANT!!!! I NEED HIM!!!” 

Feeling just as  foolish as I did when we were kids and she yelled at me for snooping in her room, in which I unfailingly knocked over everything…I reacted just as nervously as when I was 6.  I started to fumble around trying to find my feet on top of Robert Plant’s face and fix it.  It was only now.  Now that I’ve just re-lived a horror of my childhood, standing there 7 months pregnant, having only stopped by to take her to dinner, that I came to my friggin senses.

She was afflicted with the creative madness that sometimes overtakes us.  She was going to turn off that Burt Bacharach, get in the shower and get out of the house if I had to drag her, pregnant and all. 

For the record she quickly regained her sanity at the conclusion of the project, and it came out beautifully.  It was a lot of fun to stare at on the way to the restroom in the pizza place.  Her hard work turned into something amazing.  About a year ago, I was doing some business with the new owners of the restaurant; and right in the middle of the meeting I made them go back and look at this collage.  Recounting the story to them, and finding the Robert Plant (with my shoe-mark still in his face) I had a chuckle because it was temporary madness that produced this work…and the fact that she looked like such a goon doing it. 

Anyway, today I am that goon.  I have watched films, checked out library books, colored and sketched, looked at site after site, listened to music, watched films, drank some wine, looked at books……  Everything I could think to do, in order to conjure that lightbulb moment where I land on my logo design.  And yes, I’ve had my better days in the appearance department for sure.  I don’t think I’m to the point where I need an intervention, but getting close.  Someone will eventually need to come and turn off my Burt Bacharach.

6 thoughts on “What the World Needs Now….

  1. Shall I go by and take a pic of the collage to add to the tale? Sometimes our best works come from moments of madness. I guess that is redundant. You’ll land on it soon.

    1. yes, if you would that would be fab….only if you’re in the area. i tried to take a pic i found of it off a website, but it wouldn’t let me download it.

  2. Ah hummmmm. Burt makes allll things beauuuuuutiful ….. I bathe!!!!! & I’m pretty sure it was Willy u smudged- AND how strange I was just talking about that yesterday w o a

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