Of Pinecones and Men



In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.


Because I couldn’t stand to look at the Barbie picture for one more day, as there are about 100 different things wrong with it (perhaps better served in another blog-post,)….I had to put out a new post, if for no other reason than that. 

I want to highlight an artist of which I’d never before heard that Elle Décor featured in their September issue: Axel Salto. 

Apparently because his pieces were never made for export from Denmark, we know relatively little about him, according to Mitchell Owens.  His work is still for sale to the public through limited venues, and auction houses, but in very limited numbers.  I am just fascinated by this man’s work and felt compelled to feature some images.  If you’d like more info, refer to Owens’ great write-up in this month’s Elle Décor, where there are more details as well as quite a few links to sites that are either featuring or selling what is left of this avant-garde collection.  Axel Salto was what I would coin as an art-gangster.  Very rarely do we see this sort of gift in a lifetime. 


2 thoughts on “Of Pinecones and Men

    1. I think the virtue of it lies in the fact that it is wholly ‘other.’ Perhaps these shapes are things I would only dream up in a horrible, horrible frame of mind. And would probably draw them, not sculpt them. In other words, I am a decor person and an artist, but even on my best day I couldn’t create something so gorgeous. Thanks for stopping by! Be safe in your travels!

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