Orange: “Safety First” or “how ya like me now?”

I recently came across some throw pillows I bought at Pier 1 a few years back.  They are gorgeous.  But they have been tucked away in an armoire, which I use to hide my throw pillows when I’m done with them but don’t want to get rid of them.  The reason they are hiding is that they are orange.  And red.  And light-orange.  And sort of yellow.   

They go with nothing.  In my former home, they added a sort of Out of Africa vibe with the white-washed walls, golden-wood floors,  dark-wood furniture, wicker baskets and a splash of orange.  I loved it at the time, but when I moved they went to the mausoleum del throw pillow.  I have guitars hanging on my walls and brown leather furniture.  What seems like a splash of orange, would look more like someone’s “Community Service” vest wound up on my couch.  Or a pumpkin catastrophe.

This has me examining why we don’t see more orange in homes, including mine.  There are many neat write-ups on the internet about its psychological impact, and what it represents, etcetera.  And once I started looking for pictures I was fascinated by how perfect orange can be in the right room, the right lighting, the right décor, and did I mention lighting? 

Here are a few honorable mentions:


My personal fav:


little boutique hotel I visited in Santa Barbara (Hotel Oceana)

What are your thoughts?  Orange or no?

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