The Stuff Roller-Skating Dreams Are Made Of

In my first house I wished that I had concrete floors throughout.  Not only because you can do so much with concrete flooring (including but not limited to roller-skating)…and not only because my kids were all little and it’s really, really hard to ruin concrete.  But mostly because I had a jones for wet-looking painted floors.  The concept still inspires today.  Check out these shiny floors and let me know what you think!


White and heaven, heaven and white…


Yummy lights and yummy floors! (and perfect for roller skating!)


Traditional kitchens don’t have to be boring!


This is one of my favorites.  Dark chocolate walls, ceilings, AND floors? 



This is really lovely.  Sometimes simplicity is everything.


Simultaneously classic, yet unpredictable!


I’m not even sure what I love best about this one.  The fireplace, the green plant or the floors. 


This is a gorgeous dressing room remodel posted by moodboard a few years ago.  Really beautiful.

And there’s always this look…


Love this charcoal…and PINK!


Exposed rafters and polished sky blue flooring???  Love it.  Minus the country chairs and flowers, but that’s OK!  This is gutsy! 


And The Morsel goes to…



Between the gorgeous sparkly floors, the classic furniture pieces and wall color, this room has the elements of perfect design.


Pssssst!  If you’re in the market to try this in your house,(when the weather thaws out of course!) here is a great little website I found with how-to directions, and there’s a VIDEO! We like videos…


Have a great Saturday!


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