Red, Red and Red All Over


True Romance

New Year’s Eve has lost its must-have-a-date edge, yet Valentine’s Day continues to have the ultimate date-night stigma.  I used to throw soirees at my house on Valentine’s Day for anyone unattached.  We would gather around the living room, pop open a bottle (translate: magnum) of wine and watch The Godfather.  The only red we associated with was the color of our wine of choice.

You know the drill….watching everyone get flowers or chocolates at work but you…listening to women stand around the water-cooler and talk about what they’re doing with their significant other…wearing stone-cold black on Valentine’s Day just to communicate your message of official boycott without having to use snarky words…I think we’ve all been there at some point. 

To the unattached this year on Valentine’s Day: I feel your pain and you may adopt my old tradition of drinking wine and watching crime-films while people you know are out getting proposed to, or wined and dined.  But in keeping with this holiday of love…I thought I’d post some inspiring fashion Morsels for your muse.  Dressy or not, it is the one day a year that wearing red is celebrated.  


(Zac Posen design, Spring 2008)

(Sorry about the image quality, but it was too gorgeous not to post.  source:

red dress 1

(Monique Lhuillier Spring 2011)

If you’re allergic to dresses, like me….


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