10 Ways to Bring Character to Your Home

1.  Find an antique door and put it…well, anywhere.

Antique Doors from Peru


2.  Make a wall in your home a haven for black and white photos. As many as you want, and in whatever frame you choose. 



3.  Rather than enjoying the immediate gratification of print-art bought from a department store…save for the real thing and light it properly.  If you have only one painting that is genuine and has a story, your walls will thank you for it. 



4.  Don’t be afraid to mix and match furniture textures.  There are no rules when it comes to sofas and chairs.  The most remarkable homes are ones where the designer broke the rules. 


Vicente Wolf is a master at this very thing, and I knew I could count on his work for examples.  See below. 

5.  And while we’re talking about breaking rules and mixing things up, check out this great example below of fusing antique with modern.  Who says the entire house must be frozen in antiquity…OR frozen in modern coldness! 



6.  Hide your movies and CD’s and bust out the books.  No one wants to see my CD collection or (no matter how pretty they made the cases) my Lord of the Rings Trilogy Collector’s Edition.  Put em’ up.  Hide em’ under your couch.  Keep them in tubs in a secret closet.  Alphabetize them next to your canned goods.  But DON’T leave your Cd’s and Dvds in plain view.


I really like the image below (even though the quality isn’t great) because you don’t have to have millions to create this look.  These shelves would probably cost $50 total to put up.



7.  Don’t let your home get trapped in trends.  As tempting as it is walking the aisle of stores with pre-picked accessories to fill an entire room, don’t do it. 

I recently went to a friend’s house where everything in her living room came from one store, and every item was the cousin or sister of the next.  Like New Kids On The Block, trends come and go.  Hand pick, little by little and your home will reflect YOU. 


8.  Don’t be afraid of tastefully chosen wallpaper.  It’s a scary proposition; especially after the days I believe our generation has just spent restoring houses from the 1950’s, and in the process removed enough wallpaper to put a permanent distaste for it in our mouths…but check these out. 


9.  Bring Outside In.  Driftwood, rocks and trees speak for themselves. 

DSC_0009 (2)

10.  Don’t hesitate to do something entirely different. 


Readers: what adds character to your home?  What is your favorite piece adorning your space? 

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