So many choices, so little time…

Wheeeew!  This is project month around here!  The website is very close to being launched and working on it (along with watching the Darjeeling Limited for the thousandth time) has also fueled my motivation and inspiration to find and capture the beautiful around me. 


I thought I’d share a few images from my search for new home accents and fun stuff.  I’m doing some major renovation and dressing up in my home at the moment, so look for the upcoming before and after posts.  I’m trying to chronicle every step for you.  I’m so excited to share the process! 

Most of these images were taken with my phone…so…you’ve been warned.

I found this throw for $5…

This is a nice chandelier with a sleek design…


And if the tag hadn’t said “Eames-styled chair,” indicating that it wasn’t a genuine… I would have never guessed it wasn’t the real thing.  After second thought…it might be the real thing!


Do we like this loveseat?  I think it’s a little glam! (without all those throws of course!)


This chair had just the perfect wear and tear.  I’m still sort of kicking myself for not buying it.


Float on a cloud with this stark-white velvet couch and loveseat set!  My pictures just don’t do them justice.


We were amazed at how navy and royal blue velvet/velour have returned to the scene.  Minus the angled turns and white frame-work, this WAS the couch in my living room growing up.  Still beautiful…


Nice little West Elm display shelf.  Again, I stood there for 5 minutes deciding if I had a space in which to put it.


Anyone besides me love the purple-periwinkle-blue pair of paintings?  The style is not usually my thing, but I really like the color.  (I know, it’s hard to see for the blur…)


And this. 

This had to come home with me. 

It just said my name over and over again until I tackled the store manager to put a “sold” tag on it. 

Here it is in the store….


And here it is in my living room. 


Ok…back to work! 

Happy Thursday!



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