Yes, Please.





Just scrolling through these designers’ online portfolios has been a joy, so please click on the links and see for yourself.  Especially if you have 150 hours.  They are that pretty. 

In no particular order….I’m reasonably certain that the bedroom designed by Paige Schnell, with the sultry chandelier and sophisticated bedframe, is going in my Top 5 favorites of all time.  Hands down. 

I love this sleepy green room designed by David Herchik, with natural accents and classic, towering drapes .  I wouldn’t have chosen the leaf rug on my own, but it really works in this space.  Don’t you think?  How about the aqua room in the same home with the mirrored bed-side table.   Very intentional grouping of color and texture. 

And lastly, a round of applause please for the white, white, white living space Susan Massey.  You have a coffee table that looks luxurious, yet you can still put your coffee on it, the beautiful choices of seating, and to top it off, it is donned with a blue chandelier.  Again, this is going to the top of my list for inspiration in my new house.   

What do you think? 



{Scanned images created by The Morsel Designs from Traditional Home July/August 2011/Photos for David Herchik’s designs by Gordon Beall/Photos for Paige Schnell and Susan Massey’s designs by Colleen Duffley}

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