Peter Mikic Home In Notting Hill

Reading that most pieces, including every fireplace in this home were designed by Peter Mikic and custom-made, only makes this story so much more irresistible.  Who wouldn’t love to do that?  I think we spend so much time admiring the work of others, and trying to achieve a specific look that we forget about our own ability to create.  Just a thought for you this Saturday morning…

Gold finishes and hints have really been growing on me lately, and this room confirms it.  I mean, just look at the coffee table. 



Really, what’s not to love about this room?  The geometric shapes splash some cold water on the history and traditional elements.  Love it. 


“I wanted the house to look as though Claridge’s hotel had been transported to 1950s Milan,”

-Peter Mikic


The natural light really shows off the texture and color in this beautiful bedroom.  Aren’t you sort of dying to know what it overlooks? 


What do you think guys?  Is your head swimming with ideas?  Mine is.

Read more about this incredible designer here.


[Images scanned by The Morsel Designs from Elle Décor/April 2012/”Grand Gestures”/Photography by Kate Martin]

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