For The Love Of Sydney!

What would you do with 20 foot ceilings and an endless amount of light streaming in each room?

Turn them into a glamorous oasis, of course.  

This month featured in the Belle Magazine Australia “2012 Interior Design Awards” edition (more to come on that,) designer Brendan Wong (this man truly is brilliant have fun on his site!)  and the apartment owner Ben David of Kas, present a Sydney masterpiece. 

And it is a masterpiece. 

Here are a few Morsels to whet your appetite, but you’re missing out if you don’t check out the entire story:  

Scan Belle Feb-Mar 2012-3

Scan Belle Feb-Mar 2012-2

Scan Belle Feb-Mar 2012

Are you drooling yet?

Things that have inspired me here:

A perfect example of how to display framed art over a console…with the tasteful sconces and vases. 

A gravitation toward color and pattern. (I tend to be very neutral with splashes of color here and there.  AKA: afraid to take risks.)  

I went through a stage where every lamp shade in my house was black.  Slowly, the black became replaced with white.  Everywhere.  Now, I’m convinced I’m going back to black.  There is something so timeless about black lampshades. 

The emerald green tufted sofa by George Smith and floral rug by The Rug Company, will be on my mind for days to come. 

“Emerald tufted sofa.

Floral rug.

Emerald tufted sofa.

Floral rug.

Emerald tufted…”


Now that I’ve told you what I’m thinking, tell me what you think! 




Images from Belle Magazine/Feb-March 2012/”Great Escape”/Photographs by Prue Ruscoe

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