TMD is Back

 {A Brief Foreword:

In preparing this post, reflecting, and trying to articulate where The Morsel Blog has been…it occurred to me that…yes.  Yes, indeed this has been an intense and overwhelming time.  So I want to be real with you…have you ever looked at the course of time, and years…not months or weeks, but years have gone by in a flash and you feel like you’ve just survived a season that whether you planned it or not, has defined your life’s trajectory?  If so…well, then we share that in common.  I never stopped striving to find the “morsels” everywhere I looked, or stopped aspiring to inspire others to find them,- and create beauty around them.  That hasn’t changed one bit, and in fact I feel more energized and more pumped than ever to live in FULL COLOR.  I wanted to declare that this online community of smart, funny, intuitive beauty-seekers has been missed.  In starting The Morsel Blog in 2010, and consequently The Morsel Designs, what made it extra fulfilling was finding you guys, and learning that I did actually have a tribe- and there was so much to learn from everyone- whether they were interior designers or not.  Business doesn’t have to be just business anymore: it can be a conversation…So…allow me to explain absense?} 

Hey everybody!

Here goes.  Once again, my family was relocated to a new state and my kids hit their teenage years.  All at the same time.  Like- I think two of my kids advanced into teenage years and both sprouted beards overnight, on the day we moved.

It went sort of like this:


  1. fly to new state.
  2. teach my teenagers to shave
  3. unpack the moving truck
  4. take the kids to their first day of school in a brand new city.
  5. Hope and pray that they make friends
  6. Hope and pray that I make friends

And that was just Monday.  My priorities had to shift for a long spell.

So I have age-ED.  Not just aged…age-ED.  (two syllables.)

If any of you have teenagers, you will understand that last part.

If you don’t have teenagers, have mercy.

And have a Moscow Mule for me. In this cup.

Moscow Mule Cup

Basically we went from living in the Arizona desert, owning nothing but shorts and flip flops, happily having BBQ’s in January…to the Rocky Mountains.  Where it seems like we use our flip flops as door-stops and I haven’t seen any of our shorts in years.  And we sleep in down coats.  (exaggeration.) And also, did I mention we hit the teenage years?

ANYWAY I’m back, and have been working on a makeover here at The Morsel Designs.  New website and new dimensions of the same dream.  Beyond ready to get back to delivering beautiful Morsels and content to you.  And I have ONE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT- seriously, it’s just about all I can do to not stand on the mountain-top (behind my house) and shout it out!  I’ll be reporting all of the new happenings here.  Oh, and on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  Because teenagers and the arctic tundra or not, I am keeping up with the times!  So come by and say hi!  And don’t forget to sign up at The Morsel Designs.  You don’t want to miss out on our re-launch, and other fun stuff.  (10% off your first order just for signing up….shhhh….don’t tell everyone…tell everyone!)

Meanwhile, take a look at our recent master bedroom paint-project and tell me what you think.  It’s still a work in progress, (as in, I’m a commitment-phobe and haven’t put up a single piece of art,) but we’re getting pretty close.

DSC 0664 for main page

I have to say, a chalky black bedroom was exactly the way for me to feel like it was mine.  The moodiness of it and sense of pause when I walk in instantly brings me home.  Because I’m moody, and like to pause.  We aren’t finished with furnishings: I want all new furniture, but can’t commit (see above,) and my husband will not allow me to send his bed-stand the way of the dinosaurs.  But…baby steps, right?

What do you think?

Your turn to over-share!  😉


Paint Color: Benjamin Moore- Universal Black {{ Be careful with this color- it takes on an inky purple-y quality with just one coat, so be sure to give it two.}} 

Bedding: Linen set by Melange Home via

Swing Arm Side Lamps: Ralph Lauren Home







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