About The Morsel Designs

We’re so glad you dropped by.

The Morsel Designs was started in part, in order to have a discussion about all things design.  The word “Morsel” became the coined word for any new find, quote, color, vignette, space, structure or story.  We thrive on small bits and pieces of inspiration, everywhere we look.  Take a look around, and check out our FBInstagram, or Twitter to say hello!

4 thoughts on “About The Morsel Designs

  1. Oh I can understand how long it takes to get through the September Issue of Vogue! A good long pleasurable afternoon! Have you seen the film based on the issue ‘The September Issue’? Brilliant viewing.
    Keeping finding those morsels, I’ll be reading up on your finds! x

  2. Hi Ms. Morsel,

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. I like yours too, and I agree that good design is something that applies to visual art, music, and literature. I hope to return the blogroll favor as soon as I get my act together over here!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Yes, I like featuring blogs so that others too can get caught in the web of never-ending blog-reading. I find the best material through other people’s blogrolls. Congrats to you on your new-found fame!

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